OM | OM – Clash: Adil Rami shoots Jacques-Henri Eyraud again!

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Posted on Oct 14th, 2020 at 10:45 am by TM

Since his release from OM in 2019, Adil Rami has not let go of Jacques-Henri Eyraud. And that Wednesday the world champion gave the president of Marseille a shift.

Between 2017 and 2019, Adil Rami defended the colors of OM. A story that ended badly, however, as the center-back was sacked by Marseille club. While the conflict now continues in court, the Boavista player still has a tough tooth against his former club, particularly Jacques-Henri Eyraud. Indeed, Rami has been stepping up charges against the President of OM in recent months. “The problem with Marseille is unique. I like OM, but it’s a person who made a mistake and it’s the club that pays for it, that’s sad, ”he blurted out against Eyraud in particular, but without quoting his family name, last name.

“There is a person I hate”

During an interview with Figaro, Adil Rami attacked Jacques-Henri Eyraud again this Wednesday. The former OM once again let go of the President of Marseille without giving his name and declared: “I love this club and the people who follow it, but there is one person I hate. He’s worked with Mickey and Goofy and he thinks it’s the same in the world of football. He didn’t respect me and people don’t know the real reasons for leaving OM. We think it’s “Fort Boyard” (he was on the show without the club’s approval), but that has nothing to do with it. I can’t talk about it, but one day we will find out the truth. I am on trial with them, I was wrongly dismissed and the judiciary will do its job. I’m calm and as Ribéry would say: “I don’t have a keçaquadire” (he bursts out laughing).

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