Mercato: Thiago Silva has been in agreement since he left PSG!

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Posted on October 15th, 2020 at 11:30 am by Guillaume de Saint Sauveur

While he has received regular criticism at PSG over the past few years, Thiago Silva decided to join Chelsea during the summer transfer window. And the Brazilian center-back is already in agreement in the blues dressing room …

After Thiago Silva (36) was one of the great characters of the PSG QSI version, of which he was captain for eight years, he changed his course this summer. Leonardo tried to renew the Brazilian center-back’s contract at the last minute after the Lisbon 8 final but Silva’s decision had already been made and he signed with Chelsea for free. With his rich experience, the former PSG player seems to have already convinced his teammates at the London club, a far cry from the regular criticism he has faced in France, where his mental abilities have been regularly questioned. And Chelsea players are already excited about Thiago Silva.

Zouma named Thiago Silva

When asked on the official Chelsea website, Kurt Zouma mainly confided all the good things he thought of the former PSG captain: “You can immediately see that as soon as Thiago Silva crossed the door to Cobham, he gave advice to the players around him around, he is really good with people and you can definitely see that he has very good leadership skills. Everyone welcomed Thiago Silva to the squad and we are all happy that he is with him in Chelsea. I am very happy to be with Thiago but I don’t think I’m the only one. A lot of the guys here at Chelsea see it that way. We’re all happy to play and learn from him. He has a lot of experience at the highest level, he has won a lot of titles and played in the final of the Champions League last season. For me he has everything. He’s calm with the ball, he can defend very well, his positioning is excellent. I’m very happy that he’s here and I’m happy, vo n learn from him, ”said the French defender of Chelsea, who was delighted with Thiago Silva’s recruitment this summer. And he’s not the only one …

“Nice to have him with us”

Ben Chilwell, who was also recruited by Chelsea during Leicester’s summer transfer window for € 50million, added a shift to Thiago Silva’s contribution: “Since arriving at the training center, he’s been in the squad when he’s in the room is he has a presence around him and he makes everyone do well and the standards will never go wrong, which shouldn’t be happening anyway. He demands quality and insures the entire team around him. So it’s great to have him with us and he speaks throughout the game, ”said the Chelsea left-back. The former PSG defender is therefore already in agreement on his new team.

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