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Posted on Oct 12th, 2020 at 7:15 am by HG

While PSG recorded the arrival of Danilo Pereira in the final hours of the summer transfer window, Pierre Ménès is surprised to see no negative criticism of the new Parisian for once.

After long weeks, PSG recruiting experienced a huge boost in the last hours of the summer transfer window. And for good reason, it’s not one or two, but three new players who joined the Paris workforce in just 48 hours. Moise Kean, Danilo Pereira and Rafinha Alcantara strengthened the team trained by Thomas Tuchel. Regarding the second city, the 29-year-old Portuguese international arrived under a € 4m loan paid with a € 16m purchase option. The player, who traveled from FC Porto, is expected this season as PSG have been looking for a defensive midfielder for several years. In the meantime, however, Pierre Ménès does not fail to highlight an interesting fact with the neo-Parisian.

“You only hear good things”

The Canal + advisor, who was present at Canal Football Club as usual that Sunday, noted that he had seen very few criticisms of Danilo Pereira. A fact that is not common at PSG, the selection of which is often criticized in terms of attitude, sometimes unjustified as he has suggested. On the contrary, although he is generally unknown in France, Pierre Ménès confided that he had only read positive things about the Portuguese. “I only read good things while in general there is always ‘ah yeah, Florenzi, you understand he had twice as many crusaders’ when PSG recruits players,” ah bah you understand that Bernat is the substitute for the substitute at Bayern Munich “. You can only hear well there. You can still see that he has made 200 games with Porto and that he is the team captain. If he were an idiot it would be known,” he explained.

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