Mercato | Mercato – PSG: An opening for Leonardo with Griezmann? The answer !

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Posted on October 18, 2020 at 2:45 pm by La Rédaction

Antoine Griezmann, who is still struggling with FC Barcelona against Getafe, is sinking a little more into the impasse. While PSG thought of him in January, Frédéric Hermel thinks a transfer from the French is impossible.

The ordeal continues for Antoine Griezmann. According to his statements, particularly regarding the way Didier Deschamps uses him on the French team, the Macon native was founded by Ronald Koeman against Getafe this Saturday. The former Atletico was again heavily criticized by the Spanish press during the meeting, in which he clearly missed an important encounter (1-0 defeat). And while Eduardo Inda announced that PSG are considering hiring Griezmann in January, the file would prove complicated.

” It is not possible “

Frédéric Hermel, correspondent for the RMC in Madrid, was invited to speak about the Griezmann case on French radio after the meeting. The journalist believes the dead end is total: “That he adapts? Griezmann is in a terrible situation, he lost his football, he exists, he is not happy, that shows in his eyes. (…) He will not leave in January, that is not possible, they (FC Barcelona) cannot sell him. A withdrawal of the French would therefore be ruled out for the next transfer market, but without a doubt PSG will keep an eye on their situation and look for the slightest chance.

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