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Posted on Oct 15th, 2020 at 9:45 am by BC

Dimitri Payet, happy at OM, decided a few months ago to extend his contract until June 2024, while agreeing to check his salary down. Enough to end his career in Marseille. A gesture by Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

At the beginning of this very special transfer window, Dimitri Payet (33) stood out with a strong gesture. The French international had actually decided to extend his contract until June 2024 to end his career at OM and had agreed to cut his salary as the season progressed. “My gesture began to germinate when the President talked about Phase 2 and the players had to strain. Who could do it better than me? I’m ready to do it for the club to grow, ”said the player last June. Almost four months later, Jacques-Henri Eyraud returned to the election of Dimitri Payet, recalling the latter’s efforts.

“It is an extraordinary gesture”

“I would like to welcome what Dimitri Payet and Steve Mandanda have done. I heard, “Payet actually asked for two more years, but he’s just smoothed out his salary.” That is not true. The gesture that Dimitri Payet made is an extraordinary gesture that does not exist in football. A man who comes to you one day and says, “This is my life, this is where I want to end my career” and who agrees to divide his salary by two this year, then by 30% the following year, It does not exist. He left money on the table, a lot of money. It’s an extraordinary gesture. In football, as in life, there is love and tokens of love. I sometimes hear players say “OM is my club” which is good, but showing love is even better. What Dimitri Payet did, like Steve Mandanda, is something great, ”said Jacques-Henri Eyraud.

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