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Posted on Oct 12th, 2020 at 4:30 pm by Amadou Diawara

At the end of the contract in June 2021, Florian Thauvin could leave OM in the coming months. While Jacques-Henri Eyraud never did anything to renew his striker, Pablo Longoria would be expected at the turn as a free start might be frowned upon. AC Milan was aware of Florian Thauvin’s situation and waited patiently for the winter transfer window to be able to carry out a transfer at a low price.

Will go, won’t go? Florian Thauvin’s future is said to be increasingly uncertain. At the end of the contract in June 2021, the OM striker would still be far from an extension. Florian Thauvin’s time on the Canebière could thus be counted. Asked about his future a few days ago, the French international played the mystery card. “I replied a week ago. It’s not that I want to contact you. When we have a white season today, I only think of one thing: play ball. I want to solve my problems with my form first. Then we’ll see what will happen. Before I think about the future, I have to think about the present first. I have to be efficient (…) When I get a large offer? You never know how to do it. I’m here this morning you never know The club can tell me: “Pack your bags”. I’ve seen it before. I will always hear everything, even if I have a five-year contract, ”he confided at a press conference.

Pablo Longoria at the helm of Florian Thauvin?

According to the latest information from Provence, the Florian Thauvin case was recently taken seriously at OM. In fact, Jacques-Henri Eyraud would never have taken matters into his own hands to resolve the situation and renew his 27-year-old striker. But everything could change with the arrival of Pablo Longoria. While he has just joined OM, Pablo Longoria is currently in the spotlight and should come up with a solution to resolve the situation. The “Head of Football” of Marseille would have to extend Florian Thauvin’s lease so that he does not leave for free at the end of the season. That would be a major flaw as the Orleans native would still have a high market value. While Florian Thauvin waits carefully for a sign from Pablo Longoria, AC Milan would play the card of patience.

AC Milan would patiently wait for Thauvin for January

According to’s indiscretions, time is on AC Milan’s side. To believe the transalpine media, the Rossoneri should remain discreet until the next winter transfer window. At this point, the Lombard club will be in a strong position if OM failed to expand Florian Thauvin. In such a scenario, AC Milan could negotiate Florian Thauvin’s transfer in January at a lower cost. And the Marseille Club could be convinced of an early exit of its number 26 so as not to let it slip away for free next summer. Pablo Longoria would therefore be very interested in expanding Florian Thauvin as soon as possible.

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